What is Catapult?

Catapult is a collection of partner-exclusive paid sponsorship opportunities that offer influencers the chance to earn money while creating content! Game publishers will put out paid opportunities for their games or products, letting creators know that they’re looking for paid content. You will receive alerts to your email address and be able to browse all offers from your catapult dashboard. If you think you’re a good fit, you can answer with a Bid. i.e. fill out a form letting them know how long you would cover the game for and how much you would like to be compensated.

The publisher will be able to look at the Bids offered and then pick the content creator(s) who they think are the best fit -- and after your bid is accepted and you produce the content, you’ll get paid out immediately! It’s as easy as that!

How do I bid?

Simply log into your dashboard, choose a paid opportunity that interests you and click ‘Place Bid’. Fill in the form letting them know which platform you will cover the game on, on which date, for how long and how much you would like to get paid and submit it, it’s as easy as that.

I’ve placed a bid, how long does it take to get a response?

Currently there is no time limit for publishers to respond to your bid, sometimes they will respond right away and sometimes it could take a few weeks. It all depends on how far out the project is, they may be waiting on receiving more bids before they make their decision. We realise that waiting without knowing if your bid will get accepted or not is not an ideal scenario and we are working on getting you updates quicker. In the meantime please be patient and you will get a response sooner or later.

Some opportunities have a specific date, some just say due: asap, what does that mean?

Catapult currently has 3 types of campaigns.

Specific date

Usually this is for games that are about to launch and they want all influencers to post on the exact date of launch in order to maximise the amount of traffic on their store page. In this case you cannot pick a date and HAVE to post/stream on the specified date in order to get paid out.

Date Range

In this case the publisher will select a date range and you can pick any date within that range to produce the content. In this case you have to ensure that you post your content or stream the game within that range.

Open Campaign

Open campaigns will be marked as ‘Due: ASAP’ In this instance it does not matter when you produce the content as long as it is within a reasonable time from the day your bid is accepted. Within a week is generally a good timeframe.


My bid has been accepted now what?

Once your bid is accepted you will receive an email to let you know about it. You will also notice a new menu item open up on the left side titled ‘Accepted bids’ here you will be able to browse all your accepted bids and get your game key and the special link you have to share in your description. Be sure to follow all instructions listed and to post on the correct date in order for your video to be approved.

Should I negotiate?

Sometimes your bid might be too pricey for a particular publisher. They might love your channel and even think that your price is fair but just not have the budget to award you the bid. When your bid is rejected for being too high you will have a choice to re-bid with a lower price/terms. For instance you might be willing to lower your price if your coverage time was less.

My bid was rejected because the publisher was “Looking for a different kind of channel”

This is an option we have included to allow the publisher to reject the bid on the basis that they do not wish to work with you regardless of the price. Don’t take it personally, sometimes they are looking for a specific audience, and yours, as awesome as they are do not fit their criteria. In this case we suggest that you do not re-bid and move on to the next opportunity.

What happens if my bid is accepted and I can’t complete it?

If you’re having trouble with a paid opportunity because your game key isn’t working or there are technical issues with the game, let us know and we can help resolve the issue for you. If you’re unable to complete an awarded opportunity because of a scheduling conflict or you won’t have time, let us know. We review these incidences on a case-by-case basis, and backing out of multiple paid opportunities can affect your partner status and your ability to take on more opportunities in the future.

I got awarded a paid opportunity but the game/game key isn’t working.

If your game key isn’t working or you are experiencing any technical issues, let us know and we’ll reach out to the developer on your behalf!


When and how will I be paid?

Once you have submitted your content and it is approved by the publisher you are able to request a payout. We do our best to pay you out immediately whenever possible. Currently Catapult supports payments to paypal accounts only and there is a cashout limit of $100. If you do not reach the cashout limit within 30 days you can request a payout regardless however most active creators surpass that limit relatively quickly, if not immediately.

Do you take a cut of my money or any fees?

No, we pay you out exactly how much you bid on the project. There are no hidden costs or fees and you get exactly what you asked for. It is worth noting though that depending on the country, some small transfer fees may be taken by paypal and since we deal with US Dollars only, the conversions on the day of the payout may be different than the conversions on the day that the bid was placed.

How much should I bid?

We’ve seen bids from $0.01 to thousands of dollars. It’s hard for us to give guidelines because every project is different and every studio has a different budget and concept of what kind of channel they are looking for, but we suggest that you bid what you think your content is worth. After you get one or two projects under your belt, you can evaluate whether or not you think you need to raise or lower your prices.

Where can I get the Partner Assets (my partner badge, Catapult logo, etc)?

Partner assets are accessible via your dashboard.

When will there be Partner swag?

Soon :)